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What We Offer


All private lessons are done by our level 2 and above qualified coaches and will allow your child personal 1 on 1 attention. Times are flexible, once the application form, Indemnity and proof of payment has been received a suitable time slot will be arranged. Midstream players have the option of using their LO/ PE period during school for the lesson. All lessons are 45 minutes and take place at Midstream Primary

CLICK HERE for application and Indemnity forms.

FEATURES: Batting, Bowling, Fielding and Wicket Keeping Drills and Skills.

  • Error correction
  • Planning (match situations)
  • Strategy
  • Visual and focus exercises
  • Injury prevention (Bio mechanics)
  • Cricket awareness

What We Offer


This is the foundation phase and where it all starts.
We offer group lessons for Grade RR, Grade R, Grade 1 and grade 2’s.
Max 8 players per coach

15.00 to 16.00 Grade RR and R (Term 1 and Term 2)
16.00 to 17.00 Grade 1’s and 2’s (Term 1 and Term 2)

17 to 18.00 Grade RR, R, Grade 1 and 2 (Term 3 & 4)

17 to 18.00 Grade RR, R, Grade 1 and 2 (Term 3 & 4) UNDER FLOODLIGHTS

FEATURES: Batting, Bowling, Fielding and Wicket Keeping

Introduction to the following:

  • Laws, By Laws Captaincy and Etiquette
  • Running between wickets
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed
  • All-round technique improvement


Times are based upon fixtures received. Teams are entered into Bevcric league and play at Midstream Primary and Midstream Ridge.

What We Offer


The Junior CLUB season runs from October to March (Term 4 and 1) and the boys play approximately 15 matches per season.

The academy play under the auspices of CBCOB Cricket Club and have numerous teams entered into the Northerns junior CLUB league. We have Platinum, Gold and Silver league teams so therefore catering for all levels and ability. All games are played on Saturday mornings and mainly at Midstream College. All junior members receive a playing shirt and cap once they have enrolled for the season. (please add the sketch of the 2019/2020 shirt and cap)

CLICK HERE for Fixtures

CLICK HERE for Booking and Indemnity forms, or simply contact us for more info

What We Offer


We offer Holiday camps during most school holidays of which the June/ July Cricket camp is the most popular.

This is the perfect preparation as it leads directly into the school cricket season.

Players are put into age groups and are hosted at Midstream Primary Cricket nets. Players from all schools are welcome to enrol.




Some exciting news, I have teamed up with the well-known cricket brand IXU! Whereby our CLUB players can purchase equipment directly from them. They are sponsoring a full IXU kit to the boy that is nominated as the player of the season.

When purchasing items to the value of:

  • R1000 a free IXU cap valued at R299.
  • R2000 a free IXU cap and grip valued at R390.
  • R3500 a free IXU cap, grip and ball valued at R560.
  • R6000 a free IXU Storm Backpack valued at R1000.

They are also offering a bat refurbishment service to our club players.

Click Here to get the gear. Please enter NMCA#2019 where the Coupon code is requested.

Additional Services Offered

We assist Schools & Clubs to establish a sustainable Cricket Programme

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